The ultimate upgrade for your pharmaceutical development tool box

This event brings you a comprehensive overview of the most exciting innovations in development and in use right now. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to…

  • Overcome poor API solubility and boost bioavailability with state-of-the-art delivery solutions
  • Improve the stability, safety and efficacy of your formulations with the latest results and case-studies
  • Capitalize on innovative academic breakthroughs with powerful collaborations
  • Guarantee regulatory success with proven QbD models and analytical tools
  • Circumvent patient compliance issues with ingenious modified release dosage systems

Discover the latest biological breakthroughs in oral peptides, microneedle patch technology, biocompatible polymers and new peptide vectors for delivery across the blood-brain barrier.

In the small molecules stream you’ll find case-studies on mini-tablets for paediatric formulations and inhaled insulin technology. You’ll also learn about using oral drug delivery technology to overcome poorly soluble compounds and the power of QbD for drug delivery and formulation development.

Check out the agenda here.…

New for 2016

  • 4 more hours of thought-leadership
  • 8 new sessions devoted to technology innovation
  • 6 hours of iSolve clinics dedicated to meeting your key industry challenges

Attendee Feedback

Presentation topics were relevant to my company’s urgent needs.
Presentations were well done.
— Vice President, Pharma Development, Upsher Smith Laboratories

Well organized. Speaker presentations were good. — Vice President, Pharma Development, Endo Pharmaceuticals

  • Assessing the Latest in Topical and Transdermal Delivery Platforms: Exploring...
  • Future Development of Novel Excipients to Improve Drug Formulation and...
  • Modeling and Simulation: Improving Development Timelines by Designing...
  • Developing a Strategy for Continuous Manufacturing at Pfizer: Advancing...


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