Discover the future of drug delivery and formulation technology

This event brings you a comprehensive overview of the most exciting innovations in development and in use right now. Don’t miss this invaluable update on the latest in…

  • Wearable systems and drug-delivery combinations
  • 3D printing of individualised medicines
  • Human abuse-deterrent oral formulations for controlled products

Discover the latest biological breakthroughs in oral peptides, microneedle patch technology, biocompatible polymers and new peptide vectors for delivery across the blood-brain barrier.

In the small molecules stream you’ll find case-studies on mini-tablets for paediatric formulations and inhaled insulin technology. You’ll also learn about using oral drug delivery technology to overcome poorly soluble compounds and the power of QbD for drug delivery and formulation development.

Check out the agenda here.…

Presentation topics were relevant to my company’s urgent needs.
Presentations were well done.
— Vice President, Pharma Development, Upsher Smith Lab