Intradermal Delivery of Vaccines: A clinical study with ZOSTAVAX®

15:45 - 16:20


  • Introduction to intradermal vaccines
  • History of intradermal vaccines
  • ZOSTAVAX® delivered intradermally

An experimental medicine study to evaluate delivering ZOSTAVAX® via the intradermal (ID) route will be discussed.  The goal was to evaluate the impact of ID delivery using the MicronJet™ device compared to the standard subcutaneous (SC) route on immunogenicity.  Immunogenicity results (both antibody and T-cell responses) between ID and SC were comparable, indicating that ID delivery may be a beneficial way to administer attenuated live virus vaccines in the future.  This talk will highlight some of the potential risks (e.g. reactogenicity) as well as benefits (e.g. dose sparing) associated with the use of alternate delivery of vaccines, along with progress made on vaccine delivery approaches and potential novel delivery devices.

Brian K. Meyer, Principal Scientist New Technologies, Vaccine Drug Product Development, Bioprocess Research and Development, Merck