enFuseTM, a true Wearable Technology Changing the way Drugs are Delivered

10 September 2019 12:15 - 12:50

The current treatment for many diseases requires patients to spend hours each week receiving IV infusions at a healthcare facility. But what would happen if the common IV formulation paradigm could shift to subcutaneous formulations? Could patients get their time and their lives back? Would adherence improve, and therefore improve patient outcomes? The enFuseTM platform, an on-body drug delivery system, is a unique true wearable technology being developed for patient self-administration of high-volume drugs from 5 - 50mL. The system is designed with novel features to provide comfort, convenience, and simplicity for the patient. Some of these unique features will be discussed in terms of their impact on patients, drug development, and the overall healthcare landscape.

Michael Hooven, President and CEO, Enable Injections, Inc.