Functional Polyamino acids: a Versatile & Biocompatible Drug Delivery Toolbox

14:30 - 15:05

Disruptive delivery technologies are paving their way to the treatment of severe diseases with multitude of nanomedicines performing as great propositions at the proof of concept level, clinical developments or marketed products. Polyamino acid (PAA)-based therapies are emerging as promising treatments for a number of neurodegenerative, inflammatory, infectious or oncologic pathologies. Major features of PAAs includes superior performance in the synthesis of polymer-based therapeutics in terms of cargo loading capacity, multifunctional and architecturally versatile polymer backbone, biodegradability and the adaptability of these nanomedicines to bypass biological barriers with a non-toxic and safe biodistribution profile. Despite most of the novel delivery technologies are disruptive enough to make the clinical translation a major challenge from the regulatory and fabrication standpoint, a deep insight into the chemistry of PAAs-based nanomedicines enables a robust and reliable approach to guarantee the appropriate manufacturability into GMP environment.

Vicent J. Nebot, Chief Technical Officer, Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions S.L.